Board Meeting or Bored Meeting?
Are you willing to invest 10 minutes a week to improve your meetings?

Book, software and training to improve your meetings

  • Get more done in your meetings with simple techniques
  • Get conflicts to stimulate creativity and work for you
  • Have meetings that energize the team!
  • Telecommuters: Make coming in to the office more productive and worth it!

How does the program work?

Follow the simple, 10-week, 10 minutes a week program
Measure improvements in your future meetings
Fully indexed idea book gives you solutions instantly


We'll give you Lesson 1 and a trial copy of the Meeting Defender software - FREE!

Do your meetings need a quick fix?

Find it in the first lesson. Get a new tool to improve your very next meeting - remember 10 minutes!

What you get in the 10 minutes a week to great meeting package

Paperback book, kindle or E-book:

  • 10 weekly lessons for great meetings
  • Over 100 ideas to improve your meetings
  • FAQ quick solutions to immediate meeting problems
  • Learn tricks of leading corporations for managing their meetings
  • 6 master checklists for every stage of meeting preparation, execution & wrap-up
  • More...

Meeting Defender Software Calculator:

  • Time your meetings
  • Cost your meetings
  • Download details to spreadsheet
  • Tracks attendees and reports attendance
  • More...

Video of each lesson (10 videos total)

  • Each one can be viewed in less than 10 minutes.
  • The videos can be reviewed as reminders any time you want.