Bring 10 Minutes a Week to Great Meetings

In-house as a live seminar.

Bring 10 Minutes a Week to Great Meetings What: A fast paced, entertaining and effective 3-hour seminar to improve your meetings. Tested material has been taught in mission-critical settings for 10 years.

Why: Get more done, make your meetings more valuable, improve morale, improve stature.

How: 3-hour training backed up by a 10-part workbook, text, exercises, video, software and templates.

Who presents it: Senior consultants with over 20 years global experience and thousands of meeting hours in industry, government and non-profits.

When: At your schedule (can be done for all shifts), in your location, up to twice a day per facilitator for up to 20-50 people at a time.

Benefits will be immediate:

For most organizations the benefits will start to be felt within a week or two from the class. Some of the improvements you will notice immediately include:

  • More done per meeting
  • Consciousness of the costs of bad meetings and intolerance for bad meetings
  • More realistic agendas
  • Better management of meeting logistics
  • Fewer wasted meetings
  • Better organized meetings
  • Improved morale due to opportunities to contribute
  • More comprehensive minutes with less effort
  • Better organized minutes
  • More enthusiastic participation
  • More action items being handled in a timely manner

Agenda for 3-hour on-site class:

Agenda for 3-hour on-site class
What is it about meetings? Background and statistics about meetings

  • Lesson 1 One simple idea that has saved billions and what it could do for your meetings. How to set-up checklists. What items to put on them?
  • Lesson 2 Establish ground rules. Why ground rules? Who chooses the rules? What are rules other organizations have found useful? How do you get people to agree to them?
  • Lesson 3 Use your agenda as the map and packing list for the trip. The agenda provides structure and velocity to the meeting. It reduces circular discussions. Agenda’s make meetings shorter.
  • Lesson 4 Structures for action. Action management is the core to the effectiveness of your meetings. A small improvement in actions accomplished means major improvements in effectiveness.
  • Lesson 5 Great minutes preserve accomplishments and decisions. Ideas for taking minutes and short cuts. Technology you can use to improve accuracy while reducing time needed.
  • Lesson 6 How, why and when to use the Meeting Defender calculator. Know the cost of meetings. Be able to track attendance, time meetings and produce reports about the facts of time and cost.
  • Lesson 7 Self-assessment of your meetings. How to measure the effectiveness of your meetings. What question should you ask and when should you ask them.
  • Lesson 8 Using the assessment. How to transform the results of the questions into improvements in your meetings. How to diagnose issues and where to look for answers.
  • Lesson 9 Identifying the 7 symptoms of bad meetings and what to do about them. The most common issues of meetings. What they look like and how to treat them.
  • Lesson 10 Get more great ideas to continue to improve. Once the 10 weeks is over what should you do? 100 ideas for improving your meetings.

World-wide audiences:

Agenda for 3-hour on-site class
Melbourne, Australia

Kingston, Jamaica

Dubai, UAE

These in-house seminars have several advantages for you and your organization:

  • You will see the benefit almost immediately with improved meetings
  • 100% of the course will pertain to your organization, situation and needs.
  • Special or sensitive issues can be discussed on a confidential basis with the instructor.
  • Can be scheduled to be convenient to your business cycle, shifts or rosters.
  • Can save money over sending people outside for training.
  • Can be used as a team building experience.
  • People come out of the class with a shared a language and vision for meetings.

What participants will receive in the class:

  • The text 10 Minutes a Week to Great Meetings and Meeting Idea Book (in paper, Kindle or E-book).
  • 10 Minutes a Week to Great Meetings workbook with exercises and case studies.
  • Access to downloading Meeting Defender Meeting calculator software.
  • Roadmap for 10 week meeting improvement program based in the live course.
  • Access to downloading or viewing of videos of the seminar for each of the 10 lessons.

Thanks for reading. Please contact us for a proposal.

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