Why Meeting Defender?

Windows software answers the question in real time: How much does this meeting cost? Of course, meeting cost is just one element of the price your organization pays for poor meetings. Better meetings lead to higher productivity. They also lead to higher morale, better decisions and more effective management.

Meeting Defender answers the question “Is this meeting worth it?” if you don’t have an easy way to know how much the meeting cost. Meeting Defender also provides a visual reminder during the meeting of costs being sunk.

Using Meeting Defender to aid shutdown, project and construction meetings:

What is the truth about meetings?

Meetings can be the greatest time wasters in modern organizations today. Meetings can be one of the best uses of people’s time. Can both these statements be true?

Tale of 2 meetings


Why Meeting defender? Visualize a stand-up morning meeting designed to set final priorities for all maintenance jobs running that day so that the maintenance and operations departments can start on the same page. They review the jobs, plus upcoming coordination requirements, and exchange more informal information. It is quick (15 or 20 minutes), energizing, and above all informative. This meeting aligns the priorities of the two groups.

This meeting used only $77.25, took 15 minutes and clearly is “worth it.”


Not so great

The monthly staff meeting is that afternoon. It is held in the 2nd floor conference room since it is near the kitchen and has Aeron chairs. The agenda is not fixed but wanders. Topics are revisited when new people show up. People show up for the first 25 minutes.

In this meeting detailed budgets are reviewed for each area. When the topic doesn’t concern them people check email, text and talk on their phones. They also discuss a wide range of business, personal, political and of course share the latest jokes and YouTube videos.

The meeting is not even over yet:

Why Meeting defender? And we’ve burned almost $1000.

Meeting defender does not “fix” the meeting it just tells you how much it costs. When combined with some improvements to your meeting etiquette, your meetings could become a competitive advantage to your organization.

Good meeting etiquette leads to higher productivity. It also leads to higher morale, better decisions and more effective management.


Simple to use software can be used to time and cost your meetings. Meeting Defender will be a conversation starter and will start out as a novelty. This is key-once the conversation about the quality of your meetings starts attempts can be made to improve meeting effectiveness. There are a great collection of free ideas and links to resources on the web site.

Can be used for all types of meetings both revenue and non-revenue. Meeting Defender can generate detailed billing records that can be loaded into Excel. These records can be used to help price and evaluate revenue jobs (for people that bill for time such as lawyers).